PA1 & PA6


The Law requires all individuals using Pesticides in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Industrial and Amenity on or near water to possess a valid pesticide certificate in order to comply with regulations. Legislation applies to Volunteers, Employed or Self employed, regardless of the size of the company or frequency of spraying operations, even if spraying your own land.
As of November 2015: non-certificated ‘Grandfather Rights’ spraying is no longer permitted.
You will learn to understand your duties under the law which will help you become a safe and competent pesticide user; understand what pesticides are and their ‘field of use’; state legislation relevant to pesticide application; interpret and use label information; take the appropriate action to protect themselves and the environment; store and transport pesticides safely; dispose of the pesticides and containers safely; record information
Candidates for the City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Award in the Safe Application of Pesticides learn that they are able to apply pesticides using this equipment in a safe, effective manner and in accordance with current legislation. Learners are expected to read a pesticide label and utilise a calculator to measure and calculate the area to be treated and ensuring correct the correct quantities of pesticides are used. You’ll be taken through the correct procedures for calibrating applicator speeds and spray widths, as well as measuring, mixing and filling the applicator, before applying the pesticide.
Ask about Application of Water, Stem Injection and Stump Plug Application.